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Finding Nemo

[cert U, 100 mins]

Marlin (a clown fish) is a widower who only has his son
Nemo left of his family after a predator attack. Years
later, on Nemo's first day of school, he's captured by a
scuba diver and taken to live in a dentist office's fish
tank. Marlin and his new absent-minded friend Dory
set off across the ocean to find Nemo, while Nemo and
his tankmates scheme on how to get out of the tank
before he becomes the dentist's niece's new pet.

Animated image of two fish talking underwater

Director: Lee Stanton, Mike Unkrich

Starring: Ellen De Generes, Willem Dafoe, Geoffrey Rush

Level: KS1, KS2

Subjects: Art & Design, Geography, ICT, Literacy, PSHE & Citizenship, Science

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