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Technology and Citizenship

This month's focus looks at new technology and its use. Existing mediums such as film have been enhanced by improving technology, but why is technology in other areas such as gaming often seen as such a problem? What kinds of issues do technology in terms of the creative and media industries bring up for citizenship both in subject terms and more widely?

Panel Discussion

Tim Wapshott

Tim Wapshott
Director of Communications and Public Affairs at ELSPA (the Entertainment & Leisure Software Publishers Association) was founded in 1989 to establish a specific and collective identity for the British computer and video game industry.

Wayne O'Brien
Wayne O’Brien
Director of Learning for Media and Film Studies at Smestow School Wolverhampton and co-author of Studying Video Games.
BBFC logo
David Austin*
Film and Videogame Examiner at the BBFC
*David was unable to make the recording, his responses can be downloaded as a pdf.


  • Question 1

    Do new technologies restrict or open the possibilities for a 21st century citizen?


  • Question 2

    How do these technologies change the individuals sense of self – ie global online communities, global citizenship and the idea of being targeted as part of a global audience?


  • Question 3

    How does the certification process impact on educational use of film and games?


  • Question 4

    Are the above decisions influenced by changes in society’s perceptions of certain issues?


  • Question 5

    How have new media technologies impacted on your work (teaching and journalism) and what issues do they raise in broader terms?