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Focus on resource

The Film Industry

This Focus On takes an insider’s look at the British Film Industry. We will be finding out more about production, distribution and exhibition.

Panel Discussion

Jez Vernon

Jez Vernon
Head of Marketing at Metrodome Distribution

Louis Savy
Phil Clapp
Chief Executive of the CEA (Cinema Exhibitors Association)
Rose Chamberlain
Eddie Kane
Director of Finance, AIM (All Industry Marketing)


  • Question 1

  • Question 2

    How do the different sectors work together?


  • Question 3

    What impact is or has the digital revolution had on your sector?


  • Question 4

    How do the different sectors work to develop audience development?


  • Question 5

    What is it like to work in the different sectors and what opportunities are there?


The Counterfeiters Case Study

  • Listen to The Counterfeiters Case Study:

The views expressed in these audio files are solely those of the speakers and not necessarily those of Film Education.

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