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Young Film Critic

This months Film Ed Focus takes a look at film journalism. What does it take to write a good review? Is it really as much fun as it sounds to watch films for a living? As well as hearing from professional journalists, we also have exclusive interviews some of the winners from Film Education's Young Film Critic Competition. They talk about the competition, the day they won and their advice to all you budding film critics out there, as well as special footage showing what a Young Film Critic might do!

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Tim Wapshott

Dilara Earle
(Winner Sensory Impaired category 2007)

We asked Dilara and her mother Penny Earle to talk to us about the competition.


  • Question 1

    What was the day like?


  • Question 2

    Has participating in the Young Film Critic competition changed the way you view film?


  • Question 3

    Do you look at film reviews in magazines/newspapers differently now?


  • Question 4

    Would you recommend the Young Film Critic competition to others?


  • Question 5


Read the transcript of Dilara's full interview

David Gray

David Gray
(Winner 15-19 Year Old category 2007)

You can also read about the experiences of previous winner David Gray

“Yeah I’d definitely encourage other people to do it particularly if they are interested in studying film or writing about film ...we’ve done a wide range of films including shocking cinema, Foreign Film and surrealist film and a lot of them are really interesting and it just broadens your horizons of film."

Read the rest of David's interview

The views expressed in this audio file are solely those of the speakers and not necessarily Film Education.

Tips from the professionals

"A film critic approaches a film with an entirely different perspective from an audience. Although the basic function of the film critic is to represent the audience and give an opinion on our behalf, it is not as simple as merely saying whether they enjoyed the film."
– read more of journalist & critic Andy Dougan's guide to film criticism

"It helps if you love films yourself, so indulge that passion where you can. Having as broad a taste as possible is crucial and the more films you see the more you will able to note trends and styles."
– more tips from journalist & critic Anwar Brett