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Holocaust Memorial Day resource

Communities Together: Build a Bridge

Holocaust Memorial Day offers teachers the opportunity to raise awareness amongst students of all the communities who suffered as a result of the Holocaust and Nazi persecution.  Events leading up to and on the day itself create a focal point for young people to reflect on the history of the Holocaust, its repercussions and to consider more recent atrocities. 

In keeping with the theme for 2013, Communities Together: Build a Bridge, educational activities might explore ways to remember those communities destroyed by the Holocaust and consider how we can create strong, diverse communities today.

Film interpretations of the Holocaust narrative are a powerful, if controversial, teaching tool within this context.  Film Education have recently produced, in partnership with the Holocaust Educational Trust, a new teaching resource comprising one DVD of sensitively chosen clips from a wide range of films focusing on the Holocaust and a second disc containing curriculum-focused activities and teachers’ notes.  Thinking Film, Thinking History: The Holocaust is available free from Film Education.

A downloadable version of this resource is available here.