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Where have all the fish gone?

Professor Daniel Pauly
We are fighting a war against fish. And we are winning.

Professor Ray Hilborn
At one level it's a question of how bad is it?

Haidar El Ali – Diver
Man is not going to change and the sea is going to be dead.

Dr. Boris Worm
Thee will be point in the future where we will run out.

Charles Clover (Journalist and Author The End Of The Line)
What is the tuna that you serve? And how is it caught? The difference between this and other problems is that actually it is relatively simple to solve.

Professor Daniel Pauly
People say where are the fish gone? Where are they? We have eaten them.

On Screen Text
A film that will change the way you think about seafood.

The End Of The Line.

In Cinemas June 8th.

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