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A Crude Awakening


'A CRUDE AWAKENING...' is an enlightening, intelligent, and profoundly shocking documentary feature film about how the citizens of planet earth are sucking dry our most valuable and non-renewable natural resource: oil.

Still image from A Crude Awakening, showing environmental devastation at Baku, Azerbaijan

Wonderfully crafted by award-winning European filmmakers Basil Gelpke and Ray McCormack, it shows you needn't be a conspiracy theorist to see a connection between America's current obsessions with the Middle East and national security, and the world's looming oil crisis. The frenzied search for alternative sources of energy now being pursued by the largest multi-national energy corporations and academic institutes makes it clear they also believe a crisis is fast approaching.

Candid and thought-provoking interviews from the worlds' top experts make it abundantly clear that we are dangerously close to the bottom of the barrel. However, whilst hinting at just how dark the post-oil world could be, this highly entertaining yet disturbing expos' provides not only questions but a glimmer of possible solutions to the most perplexing and important economic, environmental and public policy issue of our time.