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Fast Girls tracks the rollercoaster journey of a British female sprint team in their quest to win gold in the Women’s 4 x 100m relay.

When streetwise Shania meets ambitious, middle class Lisa, their two worlds collide on the athletics track with explosive results. As the girls strive to qualify for a major world athletics championship, they battle adversity and rivalry on their dramatic, heartwarming and inspirational journey.

The official site: www.fastgirlsthemovie.co.uk


For Teachers

Designed for students of media and PSHEE aged 14-18, the resource uses key clips, stills and campaign materials from Fast Girls to encourage young people to consider both the production context of the film and its relevance to their own lives and experiences.

Media students at GCSE and A level will analyse aspects of Fast Girls in order to identify and evaluate the extent to which it is a typically British film.  Activities such as those based on the film’s marketing campaign develop students’ skills of close reading and critical analysis whilst the PSHEE activities specifically focus on the relationships between the young women in the film and the challenges they face both as individuals and as a team.



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Trailer transcript




Brian: You need new spikes

Shania: I'm broke

Lisa's Mum: Good luck today darling

Lisa: don't wast the luck, mum

TEXT: They come from different worlds

- Is that Lisa Temple?

- You have as much right to be here as they do

TEXT: Chasing the same dream

Announcer: On your marks, set [BANG]

Shania: I'm in the squad?

Brian: Bloody right you are

Shania: Can I scream now?

Brian: Yeah, go on...

Shania: Arghhhhhh!

TEXT: From the producer of Adulthood and The Iron Lady

- Looks like lisa's got a rival

David: That will be good for her

Tommy: How do you think you'll handle the relay?

Shania: I'm not very good with teams...

Tommy: Come and meet the girls

Tommy: If we're gonna beat the USA I need silk ladies, gimme silk!

Trix: She's joining us then Tommy?

Lisa: Yeah we'll see...

Carl: Carl, team physio

Belle: He's got that whole boyband-look going on

- Psssht... please!

Shania: What them hell was that?

Lisa: That was your fault

Shania: Of course it was my fault, 'cos nothing touches the golden girl does it?

Lisa: I'm not risking my chance of a medal because of her!

David: She's an embarrassment to the team

Shania: If you don't want me in the team then fine - I'm done! I quit!

TEXT: One dream

Announcer: The world championships are here in London

- We're up against the USA

Tommy: I'm gonna need you

Shania: I told you I'm not good with teams

TEXT: One team

Trix: You've got what it takes, you've just gotta start playing the game

Carl: Get your arse back on that track

Shania: Did you just talk about my arse?


TEXT: No second chances

Shania: If we sort this out, no one can beat us

Lisa: She's the fastest, we need her

David: No you're faster than her

Announcer: Well this is it, this is make or break time for Great Britain

Tommy: Let's go out there and show them what we can do

Trix: Let's bring it home girls

Lisa: We can do this

Carl: Smash it!

Team: BOOM!

Tommy: I did actually have a speech prepared which you've now all ruined [LAUGHTER] I had it written on cards and everything...


Announcer: The USA and Great Britain are neck and neck


Belle: Look good and run fast girl, know what I'm saying?

TEXT: Featuring music by Labrinth, Emelie Sandé, Example, EJ, Madeon