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Oliver Twist


Copyright & Acknowledgements

Film Education logo Oliver Twist educational website and study guide produced and designed by Film Education.

Film Education is the unique link between education and the UK film industry. It facilitates the study and use of film and cinema across the curriculum, creating, developing and sustaining a literate audience through the understanding and enjoyment of film. For more information, go to$sitepreview/filmeducation.org/


Academt Media Thank you to Tanya Hossick at Academy Media for permission to use extracts from their Famous Authors: Charles Dickens DVD

Penguin books
Also thanks to Sarah Barber at Penguin

Thank you to Nancy Taplin and Martin Durrant at the Victoria and Albert Museum www.vam.ac.uk

Thank you to Anna Butler, Kate Lambert and Alasdair Nicholson at Pathé


Copyright © Film Education, 2005.
Production notes extracts, film clips, trailer - Copyright © Pathé Distribution Limited, 2005.

Production photography - Copyright © Guy Ferrandis/H&K, 2005.
Charles Dickens clips - Copyright © Academy Media , 2005. All rights reserved.
Historical images Copyright © V&A Images/Victoria and Albert Museum, 2005.