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World Intellectual Property Day: film, IP and schools

Related resources

Film Education has produced a number of teaching resources which touch on issues of intellectual property and copyright:

The theme of this year's World IPO day is a great match with Film Education's long-running student activity, Be Creative, run in partnership with the Industry Trust for Intellectual Property Awareness. This competition for secondary schools is accompanied by a range of resources that explore aspects of copyright in relation to the film and television industries.

Suitable for KS3, 4 and 5, this online resource covers a wide range of issues relating to intellectual property as it explores our relationship with ICT.

Suitable for learners at upper primary level, Film Education’s Maths+Movies resource gives pupils a real-world context for maths. The activities also aim to encourage children to think about the value of seeing a film at the cinema. Children will have access to some ‘behind the scenesʼ information from a film industry perspective, and in learning about the business of film distribution, they will gain an understanding of the fairness of paying for a film that is chosen and viewed at the cinema, rather than taking it for free.

Finally, we recommend all schools explore the document Using Film in Schools: A Practical Guide, which covers a wide range of areas and has specific advice in Section 4 regarding the law and film education.