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Primary Teaching Resources

A wolf with a dart in his leg looks over a ledge

Information and suggestions for teachers wishing to incorporate animation into their lessons

Still profile of a fox lying on the grass looking at a girl

Resource exploring storytelling on film, suitable for teachers of primary-aged pupils and ideal for literacy activities

Illustration of a child at an animation desk

Relevance: KS2, KS1
Subjects: ICT, Art & Design, Art, Literacy
Synopsis: A beginner's guide to animation

A black and white image of three boys sitting in a cinema staring in awe

Relevance: 7-11 years
Subjects: History, Geography, Design & Technology
Synopsis: This resource provides an overview of UK cinema history as a focus for local history study. It features activities related to oral history, model making and map work as well as a gallery of stills for enquiry.

A girl stands holding her hand to her ear

Relevance: 7 - 11 years
Subjects: Music, Literacy
Synopsis: This resource contains a series of tasks and clips to help pupils understand the purpose of music and sound in film.

Cinema screen with the words Coming Soon? on it, in an empty cinema

Relevance: 7-11 year olds
Subjects: Literacy, ICT, Citizenship
Synopsis: Taking film and cinema as its focus, Coming Soon? explores how intellectual property and copyright are needed to support creativity and innovation. This site provides a taste of the interactive educational DVD-ROM resource for primary schools along with an order form for your school's free copy.

Maths + Movies logo showing bright coloured mathematical symbols around the title 'Maths + Movies'

Relevance: 7-11 year olds
Subjects: Mathematics
Synopsis: These online activities accompany the Maths+Movies interactive disc, to be published in Spring 2011. They aim to provide learners with a stimulating and creative approach to using and applying the mathematical concepts that are taught at upper Primary level.