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Task 2

Foley Artists

Many of the sounds we hear in a film are not recorded during filming but added afterwards, during the editing process. Sound effects are created in a ‘foley studio’, which contains a variety of props and everyday objects. Imagine how foley artists make these sounds with the following props:

roaring fire - plastic wrapping
a guillotine - an axe, cabbage and metal bucket
galloping horses - coconut shells
sliding doors in a spaceship - an envelope and a sheet of paper

Task: Create a foley studio in a corner of your classroom with objects from home or around the school. Take on the role of a 'foley artist' and create a soundtrack to play over a film clip or bring a novel extract alive.

Think about sound effects in your own stories. Experimenting with different sounds can give you ideas for figurative language when writing stories or poems. Are you using imaginative language to describe all five senses?