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Task 3

Score Composers

Watch a film clip with the sound off. Can you predict what kind of music might be playing over the scene? Discuss what is happening and note the use of light, colour and camera angles. What does the character appear to be thinking and feeling?


1. A Boy Called Dad

2. Prince Caspian

3. The Fox and the Child

4. The Secret of Moonacre

Task: Compose a piece of music to play over the silent clip. You could use instruments or music software. Consider the effect you want your soundtrack to have on the audience.

  • Should they be scared, curious or excited?
  • Do you want your soundtrack to be slow or fast?
  • Will it start quietly and build to a crescendo?

After performing alongside the clip, watch it again with the volume back up. Is the real music similar to yours or does it create a very different atmosphere?

Recommended viewing: Watch the clip from The Secret of Moonacre in the video player.