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Secondary Topics

Young person in a black coat holding a knife

This resource offers teachers suggestions of suitable films that could be shown and proposes some ways into exploring these film texts in order to empower students to challenge bullying when they see it and to develop understanding about how and why bullying occurs.

A shot of a black WW2 soldier standing in front of some buildings

Suitable for students aged 11 - 18, this resource offers a celebration of Black history through films and the people who make them, including approaches to discussing a film text and ideas for research and presentation activities.

A black and white image of a man looking through the viewfiner of a video camer with a man standing in the background

Suitable for students ages 16-19 of film and media studies, this resource provides students with an overview of the documentary form. Key examples are focused on enabling students to consider Capturing the Friedmans and The Fog of War as provocative examples of the genre.

A man and a woman use a laptop

The Focus On resource takes a thematic look at a range of issues including Reading a Film, Copyright and Technology and Citizenship. The series includes a range of exclusive discussions including industry professionals, teachers and representatives from organizations such as Amnesty International

Holocaust Memorial Day symbol

This resource provides teachers with guidelines about how to use films related to the Holocaust and other genocides. It is designed to support teachers commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day and developing teaching ideas around this subject throughout the academic year.

A man wearing headphones in a dark room listens intently

A resource for teachers to use film as a pedagogical tool to stimulate learning about human rights. Suitable for students ages 11-19 in PSHEE, citizenship and history.

A woman looks concerned whilst leading a group of children.

A teaching resource for ages 11-18 to celebrate International Women's Day through learning about film.

A page from

Suitable for students ages 14-19, this resource suggests a film-based approach to raising awareness of HIV and challenging the stigma around it.

A bride and groom run through a crowd smiling hand in hand

This resource, suitable for teachers of English at GCSE and A-level, explores a range of themes and concepts that underpin a study of how and why filmmakers revisit Shakespeare with such apparent regularity. The site includes content on adaptation, reception and cultural interpretations as well as collating existing Film Education materials on screen adaptations of Shakespeare's plays.

Relevance: KS4, KS3
Subjects: General Studies, ICT
Synopsis: The resources and activities within this educational online resource are designed to give learners aged 11-18 a contextual background to their understanding of ICT. The site explores the social, financial, legal and ethical implications of our interaction with technology and encourages active exploration of the latest developments in this area.

Teaching Trailers Spring 2013

Relevance: KS3, 4, 5
Subjects: English, film and media studies
Synopsis: Teaching Trailers is a classroom resource that features brand-new trailers for a wide range of 2013’s spring film releases as the focus of study for a range of engaging, curriculum-relevant activities suitable for use in English, media and film lessons with students aged 11-18.

A soldier in WW2 uniform sits on sandbags at the side of a trench with his rifle on his lap

A secondary teaching and learning resource designed for teachers to promote excitement and enjoyment of books through the complimentary use of film