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All in Good Time

Event Feedback

Student, Kingsford Community School

I think it was really, really good. I like the characters and the story and the relationships between the characters. It was portrayed really well. It really helped having the stars there to get to know behind the scenes and understand how it was made. It just made the film even better.

Media Students, Westminster Academy

It was good because it was funny and entertaining. When we go back we are probably going to write about the film. I think it will be really helpful because now when we are back at school we can relate this to other films and compare them. Having the stars there was good because you could hear how it is rather than be told by other people.

I think it is a film that people can learn a lot from. I’m Asian myself and I understand what goes on in the house. I enjoyed it a lot and beforehand I was slightly sceptical but I had a laugh and I also learnt something from it. I think it will help people understand what Asians go through, how it works and the whole process of Asian marriages. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to have the actors and directors there and to understand how they improvised and how the whole process works is very interesting to know.

Teacher, Dunraven School

I had just been looking at East is East with some of my students and I knew that this was also written by Ayub Khan-Din so I wanted to see the film myself but also this year 8 group will be doing media for their next unit of work so I wanted to make the most of this opportunity given to us by Film Education and to get them engaged in media before they start studying it. I think having the director here and listening to him talk about the process of making a film rather than just looking at a film was really interesting for them and I am glad that they got involved and asked questions so I’m happy they got the opportunity.