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All in Good Time

Event Q&A

Question 1

What drew you to Ayub Khan-Din's script? (Nigel Cole)


Question 2 

How important was it for you for this film to a modern version of the original play with a British Asian family? (Nigel Cole)


Question 3 

How did you approach the difficult relationship your character has with his father? (Reece Ritchie)


Question 4

How did you two approach the intimate scenes in the film? (Reece Ritchie and Amara Karan)


Question 5

Nigel has been described as an actor's director.  Can you tell us a bit more about what that means and what Nigel is like to work with? (Reece Ritchie and Nigel Cole)


Question 6

Why did you set the film in Bolton? (Nigel Cole)