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Event Q&A

Question 1

Can you explain a little more about your character?


Question 2

How did you get involved in the project?


Question 3

Were you familiar with the story of the Borrowers before getting involved in Arrietty?


Question 4

Were you already familiar with Studio Ghibli films?


Question 5

The character you play is quite a sombre, sad boy which you don't strike me as so what were you drawing on - how did you get that performance?


Question 6

Did you find it emotional playing this character?


Question 7

Can you explain how the process of recording your voice?


Question 8

Did you enjoy the process?


Question 9

How much of difference between appearing in front of large audience in the theatre to the more solitary experience of being Sho?


Question 10

How did you handle school and acting at the same time?


Transcript of Q&A