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Cars 2

Event feedback

Students, St George's Hanover Square, Westminster

I thought it was excellent. My favourite was when they were in England doing the race.

Teacher, St George's Hanover Square, Westminster

I wanted to bring my class to the film today because it is a good social experience for the kids and we usually follow up these cinema visits with reviews and other written work.

Students, Heseltine Primary School, Lewisham

I really loved the characters and the movie. Also I had never been to a cinema this big before so it was exciting.

Teacher, Sellincourt Primary School, Wandsworth

Having this opportunity is great. We always try to take then to the local cinema and to make use of Film Week. We do the follow up work as well. We started this about 3 years ago and it's really grown. Now the students do reviews and get very excited. It's good for them to have social time together as well as the educational benefits.