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Exotic Europe

Event feedback

Julie Waterson, Tutor, City and Islington College:

Looking at historical films can give you an image of past lives. I think teenagers are very immediate in terms of their lives so they do not always have an historical perspective. However here the students have engaged, asked questions and learnt something.

Student, City and Islington College:

I think the films were quite good because it was all very different to what you see in the cinema now. These are just natural people getting on with their everyday life, such as going to the beach or working. It's very natural and you can tell there is nothing scripted. It was also interesting to find out how people lived and how much slower life was back then. Also interesting to see how people would have watched the films back then.

Student, City and Islington College:

Initially I found it hard to relate to the films but as I became used to the films - sort of Charlie Chaplin style - I found I was really enjoying it because it was very funny and everyone could relate to it. I really enjoyed it all because the filmmaker brought the ideas of work and play together. That's why we have cinema; to record the memories.

Martin Humphries, Director, Cinema Museum:

The filmmakers' responses to the original Exotic Europe films were beautiful, interesting and very respectful of the originals. So they were an excellent example of creative responses to the archival material.

Patrick Hazard, Director, London International Documentary Festival:

A rewarding and thought-provoking project; one that could, and should be extended!