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Flying Monsters 3D

Event feedback

Student, Ivydale Primary School, Southwark

"I thought it was really good because all the dinosaurs and he told us loads of facts about them. I really liked the bit when the fossils in the Natural History Museum came to life."

Student, Cranmer Primary School, Mitcham

"I thought it was so good because I think dinosaurs and 3D really go together and it was like they were coming right at you. Also, it is not often when going to cinema that someone from the film was there so I felt very lucky. "

Student, Brockley Primary School, Lewisham

"I thought it was fantastic because I think Sir David Attenborough explained about old animals and fossils in a really interesting way and what advantages old animals had and he explained it in a way I could understand."

Teacher, Brockley Primary School, Lewisham

"I bought my students along to see the film because it was a good opportunity to give our students more experience of going to the cinema and also to learn more about what David Attenborough does."