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Four Lions

Event Feedback

Students, Palmers College

I had seen it before but I really enjoyed it. It is quite tongue in cheek. I like his approach to it because it is very different to what you usually see in the media.

It was great. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity really to meet a director and ask him questions. I just think it’s nice that they actually gave up their time to come and speak to us. I thought that was really good of them.

Student, Ellen Wilkinson Schools for Girls

Having Chris Morris actually tell us what he was trying to convey was great and it was interesting to compare that with the reviews and what people actually got from it. It really was a privilege. Also because most movies are from Hollywood to actually get to meet a British director who works in low-budget was just really different and it made me appreciate British cinema in a way I hadn’t before.

Teacher, Ellen Wilkinson Schools for Girls

I thought, and it seems that has been vindicated by the students’ comments, I thought that it would be really interesting to see a British independent film that I think is very distinct. It deals with a taboo subject but doesn’t come out strongly one way or another, which is what he was saying about life being ambiguous. I think that it really touched their lives. All the students are from different backgrounds but everyone got something from it.