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Event Feedback

Student, Bacon’s College

It was interesting to see both points of view and another perspective but I think the best thing about the film was that it showed human beings flaws really well, like the betrayal of friendship and marriage.

Teacher, Bacon’s College

We bought the students because it was obviously very apt for Holocaust Memorial Day and it makes a big difference to see the film in the cinema because they are a lot more focused. I thought the film was good and it was really interesting to see another point of view and how someone could get drawn into the Nazi party. The panel discussion was really useful and the students seemed to engage with it. We have just launched an Amnesty group so I think a lot of what they said will tie in with that.

Teacher, Sir George Monoux College

I bought the students because I am their Citizenship teacher and we do a lot on racism, discrimination and genocide so to get them out of the classroom to see a film based around a lot of the topics I teach them was great.