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In the House

Event Q&A

Question 1

Obviously the film is set in a school and we’re looking at teachers, I think you’re parents were teachers? Is there something of an autobiographical element to it?


Question 2

I particularly liked the ‘story within a story’ kind of framework, and the fact that it goes into the world of Claude. Can you explain how that came about for you and the process making that.


Question 3

Woody Allen does that in his films, and going back further, Bergman. Were they influences on you?


Question 4

At film school Eric Rohmer was one of your teachers, what did you learn from him?


Question 5

Is your film some reflection of French identity?


Question 6

There are a lot of references to Chinese artists. Is there a reason for that or is it just part of the play?


Question 7

How long did it take you to make this film?


Question 8

In your film there were many different genres that mixed together, and I was wondering if it was your own style or if there is a general trend in film making in the last years.


Question 9

The press over here associates you more with melodrama and sexuality, with this the reviews relate this more with Hitchcock and the ending has a Rear Window-esque to it. Was that a conscious thing? More of a thriller? 


Question 10

The actor Fabrice Luchini, You’ve worked with before in your film Potiche. You’ve worked with several actors again and again. Why do you like to have that, is it a comfort for you?


Question 11

I’m a very fond of 5x2 and 8 Women, especially and I was wondering which kind of film you get the most fulfillment from directing. From a musical or something more dark perhaps.


Question 12

I was very impressed by the actor who played Claude and I wondered where you found him. If it was an auditioning process?