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Jane Eyre

Event feedback

Student, Royal Docks Community School

I found the film very inspiring and I liked it a lot. I would definitely recommend it to other people. I will definitely read the book now. The ending of the film really touched me.

Teacher, Lambeth College

I bought these students because they are all new and studying media so obviously we want to get them watching more films and they are going to be writing their own scripts for their next assignment so this was really useful, especially having the producer here to talk about that side of making films. I think allowing them to see it on the big screen is important because film is generally quite a social thing and you get more involved in the film then when you watch something on a whiteboard at school. It is also a chance to get the students out of college as a lot of them will not have been here before and many do not even come into central London.

Student, Pimlico Academy

I think it was a really good idea to come to see this film with the school because if you go on your own or with your friends you don’t really think about the movie as much but when you come on an educational trip you think about it more and you dig deeper into what’s going on.

Teacher, Pimlico Academy

I bought the students because I think there can be a difficulty getting young people interested in the classic texts and this for me as a teacher was something that seemed fresh and engaging. Having the producer there at the end was a real big sell for bringing us and for the school as well.