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Private Peaceful

Event Feedback

Student, Portland Place School

I thought it was written really well and acted really well as well so I thought it was brilliant. It was interesting to hear from the author and the actors as well because we got to hear what they thought and how they acted as well. It was really good.

Teacher, Winterbourne International Academy, Bristol

From a teacher’s point of view, Private Peaceful is a novel we teach in Year 7 and a very, very popular one. Michael Morpurgo is obviously a hugely popular author to the children and it just seemed like an absolutely unmissable opportunity to come to London, to go to a film preview of a book that is so popular. It was a chance for us to reward our students, give them a great opportunity and a chance for them to meet an author who has a great influence of their lives and schooling.

Teacher, Cumberland School, Newham

I thought it was an exceptionally good book that we have been teaching at the school for a couple of years. So we selected some of our best students from Year 8 to bring them along to this as we thought it would be great experience for them to gain even more insight into the historical and social context of the book.

Student, Cumberland School, Newham

I thought it was going to be just a normal movie of war but it really shocked me because it really grabbed me into the movie and it was really exciting. It grabbed me in and I couldn’t let go. The actors played their roles really well so when we got to actually ask them questions it was like we were stepping into their shoes and understood what they have to deal with while they were making the film.

Student, Havering Sixth Form College

I thought it was really interesting, the whole experience, and having the question and answer with the author because its not something you do every day, its something new and it makes you think twice about the film, about the book, about the context, about everything really. I think it’s a really good opportunity to understand what soldiers in WW1 went through because, although hopefully not, this could happen to us in the future. I thought the question and answer was really good, it was really amazing to get an idea of what the author thought when he was writing the book because I always think why did the author do this, why did the author do that and today we got the answers.