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Red Tails

Event Feedback

Student, Northumberland Park Community

I thought the film was amazing. I knew there was racism in America at that time but to be able to see it in the movie made me see it in another way, it made me realise that it actually happened and showed me how they overcame it.

Students, College of Northwest London

I liked the film because it explains the racism that black people were facing during WW2 and I really liked the cast. The representation of racism was really interesting and relates to things that we are studying at school.

Teacher, College of Northwest London

I bought the students for two reasons; firstly because they are studying media and film so it was a great opportunity and the second reason is the subject matter, the issues that it raises in terms of racism and equality. It hit two reasons and was a great opportunity for the students. Also, the fact that it was in Odeon Leicester Square in Central London was great.

Teacher, Northumberland Park Community

I teach history and the Civil Rights Movement in America at school and this is one of the key parts of the Civil Rights Movement, the Tuskegee pilots because it is the first unit so as soon as I saw that it would be available I jumped on the opportunity. It was so exciting and the film was really good.

Teacher, Kingsford Community School

I thought it was a good opportunity because the films covers quite a few different areas, good for action/adventure genre but it also looks at ignorance and racism so I thought it would be something good that we can use in our media studies lessons. Also, the Q&A session with the producer and Cuba Gooding Jr was a great opportunity. We will definitely be looking at the film back in class and it is really good for them to get a better understanding of the actor’s point of view.