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Event Feedback

Teacher, Westminster Academy:

"The film was good. It was engaging, especially for young people. I think they got an insight into the lives of gang members as well as the process of filming and the kind of journey that the actors and the director have to go on."

Teacher, Havering Sixth Form College:

"I thought it was useful for the students to watch because it had an interesting representation of gender which was different to the usual gang films that we see. We are going to using it within AS Film Studies as one of their close study films for looking at the topic of Living with Crime."

Student, Havering Sixth Form College

"The film was different to films where the focus is on gangs of boys so as a girl I was shown a different side of it and how girls are portrayed.  I think because I saw the film with school I learnt more from it and from talking to the director I understand what went into making it."

Teacher, Barnet College:

"I really liked the film, I really enjoyed it. I think it is quite evocative and it got a really good discussion going which was interesting.  It was great that the director and actors were here, that really makes a difference and has a really good impact on the students. They learnt some of the reality of what goes into making a film and it is useful for us because we can refer back to it in the classroom when we are teaching."

Student, Whitmore High School:

"Having the director and cast there help me I understand the film a bit more - that it’s not just a film, it is also a reality for some people and things like this are happening in today’s society. It was interesting that the actresses were saying about that there is a story behind the reason why people are like that, which we should think about."