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The King's Speech

Event feedback

Tom Hooper, Filmmaker (The King's Speech):

"Films have always been an incredibly strong reflection of our cultural preoccupations, both commercial movies and art house films, and therefore to connect with films is to connect with the major preoccupations of the day filtered through fiction, filtered through storytelling, filtered through storytellers. I became a filmmaker entirely because of a teacher that I had at school who inspired me. He taught drama and English and he developed a love of drama in me, and through that I developed a love of film. As I owe my passion to a particular teacher and my school days I understand more than anyone else I know how utterly important your school life can be in relation to the rest of your life."

Media Studies Student, Globe Academy:

"The film was really good and had a very good story as it showed that even if you have a disability you can still have an incredible life. Also, having Tom Hooper and Colin Firth there made it a special day and something to remember. "

Media Studies Teacher, Globe Academy:

"I decided to bring the students because of the historical element in the film and I also want them to have a wider experience of films. They are all very much fans of action/adventure or sci-fi fans so I wanted them to experience a drama because I thought it might open their minds to it. I will definitely use it in the classroom for both my media and my drama students.

I think having Colin Firth and Tom Hooper there demystifies the filmmaking process and the film itself and makes it more real and personal to them to be able to see the man on the screen standing in front of them."

History and Media Student, Palmers Sixth Form College:

"I loved the direction of the film - the cinematography was excellent; the use of depth of field and close camera action worked very well. The scenes that used a hand held camera helped to create tension. It was really interesting to hear what Tom Hooper and Colin Firth had to say about the film as well, to hear from the other side of the camera."

History Teacher, Palmers Sixth Form College:

"My students have found it incredibly interesting from a historical point of view as we study the abdication crisis and the problem of a new King on the throne. It will give them a really interesting perspective before we start studying the film - helping them understand the characters beyond the textbook and to have some more background about the political and class structure in Britain at the time. Watching films with historical settings can help to engage them and make history more alive to them. This film was particularly excellent for that approach."

Media Teacher, Westminster Kingsway College:

"I am really trying to make them see as much British cinema as possible because they usually only engage with American films, so I want them to understand more about the British film industry. It was great because despite being a slightly slower paced film than they might be used to seeing they were all completely engaged and they also understood the wider implications about history, disability and public speaking."