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The Magic Tree

Event feedback

Nicola Kettlewood, Knowledge & Learning Events, Edinburgh Film House:

We were interested in holding the screening because there are a large number of Polish children in Edinburgh so it offered something to these children as well as giving their classmates a chance to see something from that culture.

Callum McCabe, Pupil, Tollcross Primary School:

I loved every single bit of it especially the bit when there is an absolutely gigantic water slide and they go down it with the guy on stilts behind them. 'The Magic Tree' is an amazing film and I must see it again.

Sheena MacGregor, Pupil, Tollcross Primary School:

Thank you very much for letting us see The Magic Tree. I really enjoyed it, and it was nice too see a film in Polish.

Ewen Kelly, Class Teacher, Tollcross Primary School:

The children loved the film and it's fantastic to hear eight and nine year olds praising a subtitled Polish film! Some of my class even described it as the best film they had ever seen which is quite an achievement for a subtitled foreign film and young children. Hopefully from seeing this film it will build an awareness that foreign, subtitled or less well known films are not something necessarily difficult or to be avoided and can be just as good as some Hollywood blockbusters.

Pupil, Mossford Green Primary School:

I had never seen a subtitled film before but it was actually very exciting trying to read it as well as looking at the pictures.

Teacher, Mossford Green Primary School:

We thought it would be a fantastic opportunity for the children to see a film from a different culture and it also has a lot of other great learning opportunities. I can see a lot of further writing we can do using this film; for example we have a lot of Polish children at the school and we study European and Asian stories, so we will also follow up the film from that perspective.

Student, St George's Hanover Square Cof E School:

The movie was phenomenal and I totally loved it - I have never seen a movie as good!

Teacher, St George's Hanover Square CofE School:

We brought the students because it is a good opportunity for them to see a film with subtitles and we are also looking at pictures without words in the classroom. We can look at it in the classroom in the final week of school and it is also a great opportunity for them to hear another language.