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The Magic Tree

Event information

Film Education extended National Schools Film Week to collaborate with the BFI and the London Film Festival, to screen titles previously screened to the public as part of the Festival in the form of a small tour of regional cinemas.

Date: Thursday 9 December 2010
Venue: London Empire Leicester Square and Edinburgh Film House

Film Education held screenings of 'The Magic Tree' for primary schools in London and Edinburgh in association with Telewizja Polska.

This charming story is a fun, contemporary twist on the Eastern European tradition of fine fairy tales and provides enough comedy and action to appeal to a broad family audience. It tells of a huge oak tree knocked down in a storm, that has incredible magic powers. Three children find a chair made from that tree that will make any dream come true. Stuck with their mean aunt while the kids' parents are away on a job, the children decide to use the chair to find their parents. With a little bit of magic to help them deal with their aunt, the children set off on a wild adventure that also includes escaping those who want the chair's power for themselves.