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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Event Feedback

Student, Newham Sixth Form College

"I thought Gary Oldman was brilliant. I liked that it was a British cast and I thought the storyline was really interesting. They stuck to the novel really well and I appreciated that. It was also great that Gary Oldman came out to talk to us, I loved that."

Teacher, Newham Sixth Form College

"I am a media teacher so events like this really help. Also, it is lovely to be able to get students out and about. It makes them feel more connected especially when you have someone like Gary Oldman coming down to talk to them. The fact that someone like that would take the time to talk to them makes them feel important."

Student, West Thames College

"I really liked the film because I thought the storyline was very clever. I thought that because they didn’t use many special effects it kind of put movies back to their roots. I was surprised at every point, which I also enjoyed. It was great to hear direct from Gary Oldman because I am interested in working in film so it was good to hear his perspective on directing."

Student, West Thames College

"There are definitely moments in that movie that I will remember forever and I would recommend anyone to go and watch it. The fact that Gary Oldman was here to answer questions as well was like a dream to me."

Teacher, Kingston College

"I enjoyed the film and I think it is good for the students because it is a different take on what’s so prevalent in Hollywood – the action movie. It is very measured and slow and I think it is good to show the kids something that contrasts with all the summer blockbusters. Film Week is great because it is a chance to get the students to see something in the cinema environment and especially when there are question sessions with actors. I think it makes you look at things differently when you get their feedback directly to you."