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Tomorrow When the War Began

Event feedback

English and Media Teacher, Shaftesbury High School, Harrow

"We are very fortunate to be able to bring a small number of special needs students to these screenings on a regular basis and Film Education have always looked after us so we are very grateful. In terms of the film, I enjoyed it and so did my students so I hope there is a sequel."

Media Student, St Thomas More Catholic School, Wood Green

"I thought the film was epic; it had a lot of action and I liked how the characters worked together and how they found the courage to fight the soldiers."

English and Media Teacher, St Thomas More Catholic School, Wood Green

"This is a creative and media diploma group and we brought them here today so that they can experience seeing a film in the cinema, as this is part of their studies. It also gives us the opportunity to write reviews in class, which also fits into our curriculum."

Media Student, Kingston College, Kingston upon Thames

"I thought the film was very enjoyable. The story line was engaging and the special effects were impressive. Also, the characters were very likeable"

Media Teacher, Kingston College, Kingston upon Thames

"I brought my students here because we are doing film reviews in class. They will be researching this and other films of this genre and how they appeal to their target audience. I enjoyed the film because it was edge of your seat action; it was nicely paced and mixing action with a more personal storyline."

English and Media Student, Dunraven School, Lambeth

"I enjoyed the film a lot and I would definitely recommend it to my friends. I really like Homer's character and am looking forward to the next one."

English and Media Teacher, Dunraven School, Lambeth

"I have really enjoyed bringing my students to the film today. It was a reward trip for our hardest working students. The aspect of the film that I really liked and which I thought was most relevant for them was the teen relationships within the film - the fact that they worked together and overcame their differences was a powerful message and I think my students responded to that."