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War Horse

Event Feedback

Annie Wilkins, PSHE & English Teacher, Sancton Wood School, Cambridge Arts Picturehouse

We always like to take advantage of out of classroom experiences and War Horse has been a book the children have read. Some have seen the play, too, so it was an excellent opportunity to discuss the different media. From an historical point of view, it gave them an opportunity to learn about WW1 from a slightly different point of view.

Karen Walters, Head of Film Studies, Barry Comprehensive School, Cardiff Chapter Arts Centre

Apart from expanding student experience of watching film, we are aiming to promote literacy through film, too. War Horse seemed the perfect choice to raise awareness of this educational initiative. Feedback after the film was very positive and it certainly opened up a huge discussion on Steven Speilberg and his effort at trying very hard not to turn War Horse into an action movie. Overall they all loved it, and they are all asking when are we going to see the next one.

Ann Richmond, BTEC Media Tutor, South Leicestershire College, Leicester Phoenix

This was a great opportunity for our students to visit a local independent cinema and to introduce them to a different type of exhibition. We can build upon this in class when we study the UK film industry. This experience was invaluable because we were able to take them out as a group and not just take those who can afford it. There's no better place to see a film than in the cinema. On behalf of the students, thanks for making it possible.

Student, St Francis Xavier 6th Form College, London Odeon Leicester Square

It is so detailed I can’t even explain how good it is. It was so worth it to come out with the school this morning - you have to have to watch this film, there are no other words, you just have to see this film.

Student, Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls, London Odeon Leicester Square

I thought the film was good and really engaged the audience. The Q&A session was good because they didn’t just answer the questions – they gave us a lot more information.

Liz Warne, Literacy Teacher, Orchard Community Middle School, London Odeon Leicester Square

We came here today because we are all slightly obsessed with Michael Morpurgo to start with. These children are going to the play next month and this afternoon we are going to the exhibition so we are trying to use it cross curricular and they will do a comparison of the book, play, film and exhibition. Today has been an unbelievable experience for us.

Rhian Spence, Teacher of Music, Heysham High School, Morecambe Apollo

Everyone who attended thought the whole experience was outstanding and thoroughly recommended others to see the film. The staff commented that you could have heard a pin drop through the screening as all the students who attended were so well behaved. This film opened up their eyes to what has happened in history and several students came to me saying - 'Miss, did you know how many horses got killed in the war?' This film certainly got students and staff thinking.

James Morgan, Assistant Head of English and Media Teacher, The Holgate Comprehensive School, Nottingham Broadway

We teach a 'war' thematic unit in year 8 and study another of Michael Morpurgo's books Private Peaceful so the film tied in very nicely to classroom learning. It was an excellent experience for the pupils. It was a really great film to captivate them and transport them to another world. It is nice to give pupils a visual to work from when discussing things far removed from their own lives.

Ron Parker, Teacher, St Swithun's Catholic Primary School, Portsmouth No. 6 Cinema

Why wouldn’t anyone snap up such a fantastic opportunity to be one of a lucky few to experience this first hand? It was absolutely amazing. What an adventure. The people at Action Stations could not have been more accommodating. The whole day was an unmitigated success. The atmosphere was amazing, and the amount of effort that had been put in by all the staff was terrific. There were gun placements, actors dressed as soldiers and the cinema was lined with sandbags. On a personal school level, I feel we have formed strong links and look forward to working with everyone in the future.