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Teaching Trailers 2012

Welcome to the online support pages for Film Education’s Teaching Trailers 2012 - Primary DVD.

If you are already on Film Education’s mailing list, the FREE CD-ROM will be sent to you automatically. If you have yet to sign up, just enter your details in our online form here.

Teaching Trailers Primary is updated every summer so that teachers can use brand-new content on a range of trailers for 2012’s film releases. Suitable for pupils aged 5-11 (especially Years 4, 5 and 6), and relevant to Literacy and ICT, these flexible resources have instant application for the classroom.


On this site you can access exclusive content to accompany the Teaching Trailers 2012 - Primary DVD:

The notes and activities in this website have been written to accompany the DVD of trailers sent to teachers on our mailing list.



Any feedback you provide really helps us make our case to the film industry to continue funding these free resources for schools. Please complete the questionnaire below in as much detail as possible.

Teaching Trailers 2012 questionnaire