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Broken Embraces resource

a couple on a sofa in a brightly coloured apartment have their arms around each other as they look thoughtfully off screen


Task 1

Broken Embraces provides us with two central female characters: Judit and Lena. Gender stereotypes – women as mothers, carers, victims or femme fatales – can be applied to Lena and Judit at various points in the narrative. These very different women face comparable situations and seemingly impossible decisions, and despite the clear differences in their characters, display similar responses.

Using the Venn diagram as a starting point, think about the different situations and roles occupied by these women and the way in which they respond.

Download student worksheet

Task 2

  1. This shot shows Lena and Mateo together, far from the influence of Ernesto. At this point in the narrative, what alternative endings are possible for this couple and how satisfactory would these be?
  2. Is this image a ‘fair’ representation of the relationship between Mateo and Lena?