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Broken Embraces resource

LENA: Ernesto

LENA: I’ve just been with the man I love. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Because he loves me too. No need to spy on us anymore.

ON SCREEN: Cannes Film Festival Official Selection

The new film from Almodóvar

LENA: I want to be an actress. I always have.

LENA: What are you writing?

MATEO: The Secret of Golfo beach.

LENA: I can’t leave.

ON SCREEN: “Sparkling with humour” Barry Byrne – ‘Screendaily.com’

“Luxuriously beautiful” Derek Malcolm – ‘The Evening Standard’

“Cruz is terrific” David Gritten – ‘The Daily Telegraph’

Penélope Cruz

Broken Embraces

“Delicious” Baz Bamigboye – ‘Daily Mail’