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Coming Soon? Educational Resource


‘Coming Soon?’ is a free multi-modal teaching resource for Key Stage 2 Literacy, Citizenship and ICT. Taking film and cinema as its focus, it explores how intellectual property and copyright are needed to support creativity and innovation.

The resource has been designed as a cross-curricular project, which teachers will be able to deliver over a two-week period. It will enable learners to understand how copyright supports the artists and technicians who make the inspiring films we see at the cinema. Each section of the campaign is accompanied by a detailed scheme of work outlining the key learning objectives of each lesson.

There will be three stages of the ‘Coming Soon?’ campaign:

  1. Online gateway. The central hub of the campaign and the place to order your own copy of the disc and access updates on the ‘Coming Soon?’ competition.
  2. Disc. The ‘Coming Soon?’ interactive educational DVD-ROM will feature a range of tasks ideal for interactive whiteboards and ICT suites across a school network. Also included will be a comprehensive scheme of work for learners between ages 7–11.
  3. Competition. To celebrate the creative element of the resource, pupils are invited to create their own informative poster on copyright to win a creative media package for their school.