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One convention of dramatic action is for the principal character to be opposed by another, whom they must either defeat, or be defeated by. Coriolanus has his match in the character Tullus Aufidius who leads the Volsces, Coriolanus’ enemies at the start of the play.

Both characters are brave, strong, successful soldiers: Coriolanus says of Aufidius:


…he is a lion

That I am proud to hunt.

(Act I Scene I)

and Aufidius says of Coriolanus:


If we and Caius Marcius chance to meet,

Tis sworn between us we shall ever strike

Till one can do no more.

(Act I Scene II)


Storyboard a sequence showing an earlier meeting between these two characters that explains Aufidius’s vow to fight Coriolanus to the death. Think about how you would show each of the characters and suggest the tension between them, as well as indicating their respect of each other’s fighting skill.


Download Storyboard template here: PDF


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