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Fast Girls has a mixed race actor playing the central character, and five out of the six lead girls are black or mixed race. Despite this, class and gender are stronger themes in the film than race.

For marketing purposes, the film’s British identity is important because the concept of ‘Britishness’ has connotations and associations that will attract particular audiences.

As you watch this clip from the film, try to identify any elements that you think give it a particularly British character. Think about setting, mise en scène, characterisation and dialogue.

Clip transcript

Brian: You have as much right to be here as they do. Now you go and show them that, go on.

Shania: Yeah, alright. Take that for me.

Brian: Yeah

Announcer: And our next race is the final qualifier for the GB Sprint Squad. With the world championships at the end of the summer, only one place remains. The fastest 200m time, sub 23 will take the spot. Good luck to them all!


Announcer: Quiet please.

Starter: On your marks. Set.


Announcer: Good start...


Announcer: Round the bend... Temple in the lead... Andrews is pressuring. 20 meters to go and Andrews takes the lead! And Shania Andrews! Great time there! She’ll take the final place in the GB Squad. Congratulations, Shania, on a great race!

Shania: Wooo!

Announcer: Joining local hero Lisa Temple at the world championships.

Lisa Temple’s Dad: Who is that?

Championship official: Shania Andrews, local girl.

Lisa Temple’s Dad: And has she broken 23 before?

Championship official: Well, she’s been building steadily all year. Well, considering she missed last year altogether, I’m impressed.


Championship official: Looks like Lisa’s got a rival.

Lisa Temple’s Dad: That’ll be good for her. Keep her focused.

Tommy: Take care. Ah, got yourself a winner there. Sorry, Tommy Southern, GB relay coach.

Brian: Brian Johnson, shop keeper.

Tommy: Ah, I thought you were Shania’s...

Brian: Well, I give her a hand, you know...

Tommy: Right. (Shania enters) How do you think she’d handle being on a relay team?

Brian: Well, why don’t you ask her yourself. Shania Andrews, Tommy Southern.

Tommy: Pleased to meet you.

Shania: Ask me what?

Tommy: Well, I just wanted to say congratulations, you ran a really great race today.

Shania: Oh, thank you.

Tommy: No problem. So I’m going to be seeing you at the rally.

Shania: Who’s that?