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The Lives of Others

Still from the film, showing Christa-Maria Sieland sat in a cafe, alon. Gerd Wiesler sits on the next table and watches her.

A key function of a trailer is making sure that the film reaches the widest possible audience. Selling a foreign language film to a UK audience can be difficult as the majority of films that are consumed here are US/UK productions or UK films. The trailer uses a number of strategies to help make the film look as appealing as possible. Make a list of the ways the film is being promoted. Do any of these impact on your own viewing habits? Would you be more inclined to watch a film because of the trailer and some of the other promotional techniques used?

Sound and, particularly in the case of the trailer, music is an important device for expressing mood. What would you say the mood of the trailer is? If you now read a synopsis of the film, does the trailer’s mood fit with your expectations of the film or the genre to which you would expect it to belong?

Choose from the Video Playlist to watch the trailer and other clips.

Further clip analysis questions are located within the downloadable Study Guide.