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Made in Dagenham

Case study - Stephen Wooley


Watch the following interview with Producer Stephen Woolley. Stop the film after each section in order to answer the relevant questions.

Project Development

  • Watch this clip and identify three key elements of project development described by Stephen Woolley.


  • What factors do you think motivated the different organisations to contribute to the film’s financing?
  • Can you name and describe the involvement of the different funding bodies?
  • What impact does the fact that the film is set in the past have upon the cost of the film?
  • What other elements of filmmaking impact on the budget?


  • What qualities did the filmmakers want to highlight in the character of Rita?
  • How does Stephen Woolley describe Sally Hawkins’ star image as having an impact upon casting decisions?
  • Why is it important for audiences to identify with the main character and how might this be achieved?

The producer

  • Watch this clip and identify the key roles of a producer
  • What are the challenges faced by a producer?