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Collecting data

This project asks the question: What is my school’s favourite children’s film? How are you going to go about answering this question? What kind of data do you need to collect and how?

Print out the Top 5 films Questionnaire and use it to ask the children and staff in your school. If you can, send it home to parents and guardians.

Top 5 questionnaire (PDF)

Use the Top 100 Films of suggested titles to remind people of U and PG films from the history of cinema.

Top 100 films (PDF)

Once the children and adults in your school have given you their choices, you have the information you need to find out your school’s favourite film. Put the information on the Top results then enter it into the interactive Bar Chart, below but launching the survey.

Top Results (PDF)

Be sure to check back regularly to see which film is the current favourite! We will reveal the final results at the end of the academic year.

Launch survey

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