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Clip Activity

Ideas of Iran – Pre-screening

Is this what you expected from an Iranian film? Where do you think these ideas come from?

The Iran that we see on screen is navigated through the eyes of Marjane.

Think of key scenes/moments that sum up her character for you. Compare these with your first thoughts on the film's title or when you were told you’d be watching an Iranian film.

Key Scenes

Persepolis raises many issues and questions about identity, actions and consequences. Once you've seen the film use the key scenes below as a starting point for discussion and analysis.

Questions Clip 1

Marjane challenges her teacher in class, bringing up points that are not being taught or discussed. We then see her at home.
How do her parents react?
Can you understand the different viewpoints they express?
Do you think that Marjane did the right thing?

Video clip of Marjane challenging the teacher in class

Questions Clip 2

How would you describe Marjane's actions at the beginning of this sequence?
Can you understand her motivations? Could they be justified?
Are her actions perceived as acceptable? How and why does her attitude to her own behaviour change?

Video clip of the Guardians of the Republic taking a man away, and Marjane's part in it.

Questions Clip 3

In this clip we see a depressed Marjane. She is very nervous about telling her family about her divorce.
Is this something you can understand? What do you think divorce means in this context?
When she tells her Grandmother she is met with some information about her Grandmother that she did not know. How did you react to this? Does this fit with your ideas of Iranian society?

Marjane discusses getting a divorce with her friend.