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PICTURACY FOR YOUNG LEARNERS: Part of the Picturacy series by Film Education

Picturacy for Young Learners is an interactive, educational resource that uses film to improve children’s reading and inspire their writing.
The resource features a range of interactive tasks alongside popular films including: Bee Movie, Chicken Little, The Magic Roundabout and Pooh’s Heffalump Movie. Engaged by working with some of their favourite characters, children will deepen their understanding of narrative and create multimodal texts with easy-to-use software. Whilst an incredibly useful tool for teaching literacy, Picturacy for Young Learners is also ideal for creating cross-curricular links to ICT, Art, Music and more.

picturacy screenshot

What teachers have said about Picturacy for Young Learners:

Engages the pupils and stimulates their imagination

  Joanne Whitfield, Blakenhale Infant School

Picturacy is a registered trademark of Film Education