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The Princes' Quest

Still image from The Princes Quest, showing Prince Azur, stood with his hands in the air on the deck of a ship, on a rolling sea with dark stormclouds in the sky.

Downloads - Additional Background Material

Interview with director Michel Ocelot:

Interview Michel Ocelot - PDF

Director Biography and Filmography:

Michel Ocelot biography - PDF

Interview with Head of Background Design Anne-Lise Koehler:

Anne-Lise Koehler interview - PDF

Financial Times Article on Azur & Asmar The Princes' Quest:

Financial Times Article - PDF

Exclusive podcast with Michel Ocelot talking to students after a screening of the film:

Film Education Princes Quest Podcast (requires iTunes installed on your PC or Mac)

Downloads - Art & Design Activity Worksheets

Princes' Quest Worksheets - PDF

Downloads - Art & Plain Text Study Guide

Study Guide - PDF

PDF files on this page require the Adobe Reader which comes installed on most PCs and Macs.
You can download it free of charge:
Adobe Reader Download