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Though the narrative of Sket is fictional, it is crucial that audiences find the characters and the setting not only believable, but also affecting. The writing and directing team, along with the actors, spent a lot of time working on the story and the portrayal to make it as engaging and convincing as possible.

Nirpal Bhogal, the film’s director, says in the press pack:

"As a director I am a dramatist first and foremost, thriving on working with actors to create subtle performances full of idiosyncrasies, which play deeply to any audience. However, it was also important that the film was distinguished by more than just its performances. I chose to emphasise what London meant to me."


Group Task

The moving image clips and the set of stills on this page should form the basis for a close study of representation in the film.

Working in groups, and looking at the clips and all of the images, focus on the representation of one or more of the following across the clips and the stills:

  • urban settings
  • youth
  • female characters
  • violence
  • gang culture

Make notes based on close viewing of the three clips; print and annotate the images if possible.



Click on the icon below the images to print (this will open a new window).

Video Clips

Clip 1 - Convenience store robbery

Kerry: Will you jus’ go in an’ jack the place!

Hannah: This is a waste of time. Can we go?

Danielle: We stopped you from getting’ battered, right? Do this and then we’re even. I might even let you jam with us.

Hannah: She ain’t gonna.

(Interior, shop)

Danielle: (to shopkeeper) 40 lights. (puts large handful of coins on the counter) Sorry, I’ve only got change. (As he hands her a packet) Not those ones, the other ones

(Kayla grabs a handful of cash from the till)

Shopkeeper: Oi you scum! Come back here, you…



Clip 2 - Kayla pursued by Trey’s boy

(Ominous low rhythmic beats)

(sound of running water)

(sound of a man’s heavy breathing)

Kayla: (screams) No no no

Man: (as Kayla bites him) owww

(beats continue as the chase moves outside, and quieten until Kayla steps out of the lift)

Man: You’re dead, you sket! Stop! Stop. You’re dead (gasping).



Clip 3 - Kayla confronts Daze

Daze: What?

Kayla: You use them

Daze: Really? And what would I use them for?

Kayla: So you don’t have to be alone. So you can bully someone. You’re just acting like you protect them, when really all you’re doing is making sure that they end up in prison or dead

Daze: Then they’ll die. Not such a bad thing

Kayla: Not for you, it was probably written on your birth certificate. But for them!

Daze: What about them?

Kayla: They think that they need yer. It’s pathetic. When it comes down to it, you don’t save people, you collect them and the fact that you haven’t battered me right now is because they’re not round here to see you being taken apart.

Daze: ‘ow old was you when you’re mum died?

Kayla: Last year.

Daze: I was fourteen. I saw my dad beat that women day in, and day out.

Kayla: I’m sorry.

Daze: She was pathetic! Not once did she swing back - not once. The only way you’ll survive is to become like them. Otherwise… we’ll end up like our mothers