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2 Senegalise men carry boxes of fish on their heads next ot the see, sihouetted by bright sunlight

Teachers' Notes

This resource is suitable for students considering the ocean environment. A range of tasks provide opportunities to consider issues such as depleted fish stocks, the economic and social consequences of this practice as well as fish farming and marine reserves. Key scenes from the film are used to illustrate issues and encourage discussion. The tasks offer the opportunity to approach this topic in a cross-curricular way, or as discreet activities

Collapsed Timetable Programme

The following is a suggested outline for a series of activities that explore the issues raised in the film. These activities can be used as a full day’s programme of events or as a series of individual lessons. Suggested timings are given here. The task sheets that accompany each section can be viewed online or downloaded in the Student Activities section.

The tasks are designed to be cross-curricular and skills-based as well as developing students' knowledge of the topics dealt within the film. Curriculum areas covered in this resource are:

  • ICT
  • Science
  • Art and Design
  • Cross-curriculum dimensions: Global dimension and sustainable development; Creativity and critical thinking
  • Functional Skills in English and ICT (see the full Collapsed Timetable Programme for details)
  • Personal Learning and Thinking Skills: Creative thinkers; Independent enquirers; Self-managers; Effective participators; Team workers; Reflective learners

Download Teachers' Notes PDF document