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The Lovely Bones

Book cover and poster for The Lovely Bones

The book cover and the film poster

Comparing the book jacket and the film poster

Begin by analysing individually The Lovely Bones book jacket and the film poster. Consider the following points:

  • Describe the use of colour and the connotations of these colours
  • Describe the portrayal of light and dark, commenting on the effect and purpose
  • Describe the central images and their associations
  • Comment on the choice of font style, size and positioning
  • What and how is other information presented?

Compare and contrast the book jacket and the film poster.

  • Why do you think neither the film poster nor the book jacket include images of bones?
  • In what ways do they illustrate both a similar yet different perspective to the story of The Lovely Bones?
  • To what extent do you find the phrase 'The Lovely Bones' paradoxical? In what context might ‘bones' be described as ‘lovely'? Why do you think the word ‘bones' has been used in the title rather than ‘soul' or ‘spirit'?