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The Secret of Moonacre Resource - Teachers Notes


Teachers' Notes


Maria Merryweather holding Serena the hare

The questions and tasks within this site allow you to develop pupils’ reading skills by comparing The Secret of Moonacre with the classic book it was based on, The Little White Horse. It is suitable for Key Stage 2 Literacy and can be adapted for Key Stage 3 English.

Key Stage 2 Literacy

Example links to the Primary Framework for Literacy:

Key Stage 3 English

The programme of study for Key Stage 3 English states:

The study of texts should be presented in ways that will engage pupils (e.g. supported by the use of film resources and drama activities).


Pupils should be able to: understand how meaning is created through the combination of words, images and sounds in multimodal texts. Examples include…the combination of images, speech and sound in moving-image texts.

National Curriculum - English key stage 3