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The Secret of Moonacre Resource - Creatures







For a fleeting instant, at the far end of a glade, she thought she saw a little white horse with flowing mane and tail, head raised, poised, halted in mid-flight, as though it had seen her and was glad.

Abridged from Chapter 1, The Little White Horse, by Elizabeth Goudge
Copyright ©1946. Extract reprinted by permission.



  • Look up any words you don’t know in the sentence.  What does it make you think about the horse?
  • Watch the clip with the sound turned off. What music and sound effects do you think should be used in this scene? Compose some music using instruments in your school and play along to the clip.
  • Now watch the clip again with the sound on. Was it what you expected? How does the soundtrack add to the atmosphere in the scene?
  • What special visual effect has been used and what impact does it have?
  • Like Maria, we only catch glimpses of the horse. Why do you think that the filmmakers don’t let the audience see the horse more clearly in this scene?
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